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The best clients are those who see the whole story of what they do. They see that it goes beyond getting the client, doing the job, and being finished.

  • New World Acupuncture

    Medicine has changed so much over the years. What's the appeal of a practice that has roots thousands of years old?

    Many have found it a better aide or alternative to heavy painkillers, anxiety medication, and IBS symptons. Dr. Yim pactices aupuncture to help people improve their lives, saying the needles are only 30% of the process. He cares about wat happens bfore and after the 30-45 session in his office. He puts together a plan, asks that his patients follow it fr exercise and det reccomendations, and sets the process in motion with the treatment.

    We approached the construction of the site much the same way. This is a site that needs to serve as a source of iormation for the community, allow people to easily contact the doctor and book appointments, as well as allow patients t sare their experiences with future clients. We are taking the holsitic approach to the build and implementation of this site and creating a cycle of healing experiences.

  • VIPhotography & Design

    If you think a $17.9M house sells itself, think again. When you need high quality photos of specific luxury properties, you hire someone like Vincent. Firms like CBRE, Surterre, HOM, Orange Coast Magazine, HOUZZ, and so many more enlist his services on a regular basis.

    In order to bring this site up to date, we had to first address VIPhotography & Design's new focus. Originally pursuing a wide range of photography jobs, Vincent decided to focus on residential and commercial real estate. He had the reputation and he had done the work to end up on the speed dial of several agents in several of the major firms, so all we had to do was torque up his online presence.

    You won't find a lot of copy on the site. In fact, most of the text is corporate logos and names. Vincent can get away with this as his clients will recognize most of the properties in the roll.

  • Giraffeand.me

    We will never stop working with makers.

    Giraffeand.me makes beautiful things and wanted to show off the offerings and the behind-the-scenes with a simple but powerful blog platform. The next step is to take full control of the shop and implement an e-commerce platform to sell directly to the audience.

  • Just Jo

    Don't call her a stylist. Jo has worked on set for so many productions, stage and screen, that she is practically a celebrity herself. Whether it's passion projects like Plus Size Magazine or other passion projects like Long Beach Magazine, Jo brings her A game.

    Whether or not she works with you at the Grammy's, you and your cast will feel ready to accept an award.

    The idea was to make it wasy for booking agents to visit the site, see her best work and immediately be able to book her. The site was designed to be easy to navigate on any device and managed on an easy backend that, ideally, Jo would never have to look at. It is literally a site to get more agent emails in her inbox. CTA - Make my appointments for me.


It all starts with the Discovery Stage. We put ourselves in your customers' shoes and figure out how the site will be used. Will visitors be able to find what they're looking for? Will they be interested?

Wireframes will give a general idea of where navigation and action items will fit within the overall layout of a site.

The Color Pallet and Mockup will be the final part of the design process. Once we are happy with the layout, usability, interface, etc., we will introduce color in a subtle, eye-catching way.


Watch the design come to life on the dedicated, sequestered server.


We finish the development process by testing usability, navigation, check for broken links, and security.

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