Case Study: Branding

How we make building trades companies recognizable

Standing out in a crowded market is possible for every trade. The key is to find the area of specialization, and every company has a specialization, and create the branding message around that.

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Showcase something invisible and convey its uniqueness

T.J.M. Glazing, Inc. is highly skilled and widely recognized in their field. They have been featured in industry journals for their work and clients continue to hire them whenever they open a new location.

So how do you show craftsmanship at this level in a way that shows their commitment to their craft, their work ethic, and the cohesive nature of their crew when glass is literally transparent?


Show the process

In all the photos of Los Angeles, Orange County, and Arizona landmarks, I saw the photo of the T.J.M. Glazing crew installing a massive pane of glass, and there was an undeniable electricity in this shot.

The TJM crew install a giant glass pane into the curtain wall installation of 9401 Wilshire. Branding isn't just a logo on a shirt, it's how people feel when they see the crew show up wearing that shirt.
Website Views
In 2 months


217% increase in website views in 2 months

Setting that photo as the cover photo for the site and on the Google Business profile provided measurable effects.

The visits and call stats increased dramatically now that their reputation matched the site and vice versa. People were making the connection and connecting with the business.

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