Website Audit and Optimization Plan

Find Out Exactly What You Need For a Better Converting Site with the Website Audit and Optimization Plan

No more guesswork, no long lead times, just the facts. Figure it out so you can plan your next steps.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Why are my paid ads getting users to the site, but not increasing sales?
  • Are people actually getting to my site from my paid ads or social media posts?
  • What is a bounce rate?
  • How can I get more bookings from my website?
  • Where are the contact form submissions going?

In order to come up with a good plan for marketing, converting, and client provisioning it’s important to figure out what areas need attention.

What’s Included:


The Why

A conversation about what the perceived goal of the website is and how the website is performing its job.

  • What is the website’s role in the business?
  • How does the website help the customers or clients?
  • Where are the reports and analytics recorded?
  • When is the data reviewed? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?

This is all restated in the plan to be revisited and reviewed periodically.

Website Audit

Find Out

  • Perform thorough speed tests using various tools on main, landing, and pillar content pages
  • Run security scans on the full application
  • Export all analytics from Google, Cloudflare, and any other tools currently in use
  • Add extra analytics tools if necessary to run during the audit* for User Behavior and application errors
  • Check SEO scores using tools or review existing reports

Audit Report


  • Identify common slowdowns within the site such as:
    • Image sizes and types
    • DNS redirects
    • Plugin scripts taking too much time or too many resources
  • Determine if there are intrusions or vulnerabilities:
    • Unauthorized redirects to malicious sites
    • Plugins that allow access to the file system
    • Publicly accessible files containing user information
  • See where users are entering the site and when they leave in order to determine why
  • Find out what users like and don’t like about their experience
  • Record the starting point for SEO ranking to measure growth over time

Optimization Recommendations

To-Do List for Success

  • Comprehensive checklist of the easiest to most difficult tasks to complete
    • Style Guide for image formats, sizes, file size, and type
    • Options for replacing stock photos
    • Breakdown of all the plugins and scripts used with a game plan for consolidating and/or custom integrations, including cost/benefit analysis
    • Hosting and Domain provider report
  • Security plan to keep users safe and maintain a good experience
  • User Experience guide
    • Navigation assistance
    • The flow from landing page to goal
    • Mobile layout primer
    • A report about where users get stuck
    • Suggestions for forms that convert
  • Some content and page suggestions including internal and external linking, form design, and formatting

Closing Thoughts

Anything that doesn’t fit into a spreadsheet

This is an overall report on the site as it relates to the business, those who run the business, the workflows used, and the overall goals of the site as it pertains to the goals of the site.

Many of the tools we use to create this report are available to anyone. The difference in this package is the experience behind the tests, the reviews, and the suggestions. Sometimes we’ll have someone ask “Can you help me with SEO?” and we realize, a few questions in to our initial conversation, what they really needed was something else. The SEO improved as well, but the underlying problem was much more important.

The closing thoughts may help reveal things the owner hadn’t even thought about. Though the action plan and guides may be enough for many to take action and get their website to help make them money, we also provide a proposal to take care of the items ourselves.

In either case, the owner has a much better understanding of what the site is for and why all the actions are being taken to improve the site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plan include all of the work to implement the suggestions?

No. The work can be done by anyone, including you. We will discuss pricing and next steps if we were to do the work. Performing each of the suggestions to the letter will improve the website and the effectiveness of the online presence.

Why is this so expensive if you’re not actually doing the work?

This is the part of “the work” that means the most to the overall process. When some of us were first starting out, we would just build what we imagined to be the “basic, standard website” until we quickly found out there was more to an online strategy than a Home, About, Services, Contact page brochure website.

When we started asking about business goals, positioning, customer or client types, communication styles, two things happened: a lot of prospects told us to take a hike while others became intrigued and stopped looking for other developers right then and there. We have seen the value in finding out what we know, what we don’t know, and what we can figure out with some testing. In a market where the majority would ask us to cut this part out to save a few dollars, we are looking for the few who are looking for longevity.

If it seems expensive, it probably is – to that prospect. If it seems like a reasonable investment to get to a larger goal, it’s more likely that it is.

Also, we have free guides to get started for anyone who has the time and is more into the sweat equity part of the business and likes to tinker. Sign up below to make sure you get our latest guides:

Do you offer a guarantee?

We guarantee the Intro portion of the plan. If, after our initial conversation, you don’t like what you hear, we can part ways amicably. You’ll be refunded any unused portion of your original purchase.

How long does all this take?

Honestly, that might be the best part of all this. The report will be ready in 72 Hours. Sometimes we run user analytics for a full 7 days, and those will be delivered in a supplementary report.

The Recommendations section will have pricing for us to move forward with the Optimization as well as how many days it will take. Yes, I said days, not weeks or months. We aim to have all projects at this level done in a matter of three days, so scheduling is important.

We do best with teams who are ready to DIVE IN! and get started, rip off any bandages, plasma torch the training wheels, and otherwise get to the nitty gritty.